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Services we offer

Active in the learning industry for more than 15 years, we can help you develop your resources

Online modules, educational resources and digital learning paths which offer your students a different experience

Our core features

Educational resources

If you need to improve your existing material and if you are looking for new learning tools or solutions.

Custom learning paths based on your activity

Educational content for your training or tutorial

Attractive layout for your teaching material

Our core features

Serious Games

If you want to take advantage of the most innovative and addictive educational models which have recently emerged.

Video games to learn in a playful way

Storytelling for your learning scenarios

3D or 2D environment for your learning scenes

Our core features

Digital Learning Experience

If you think that training contexts can go beyond the physical borders of a classroom.

E-learning platforms

Digital modules and Masterclasses

Student and teacher networks


Metamorphe is an agency which allies digital design and project management. Our main interests focuse on projects related to learning, health and sustainable development.